Cardiac Rehab
Good set of cardiac exercises to improve heart functioning.Tailor made exercises designed specially for every client.
Orthopedic Rehab
Prescribed specific treatments as referred by the orthopedic.Tailor made muscle strengthening programme.
Pediatric Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy can help ur child to become strong n well nourished .
Neuro Rehab
Neuromuscular stimulations to initiate movements Muscle relaxation techniques to reduce tightness. By using MATRIX RHYTHMUS THERAPY.

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Sr. Consultant

Specialized in neurology physiotherapy Senior matrix therapist and consultant physiotherapist.


Matrix therapist

Matrix therapist and consultant physiotherapist Certified Bare foot rehab expert by EMMELY SPICHAL , USA


Our Testimonials

Dr.Aravind is a scholar when it comes to treating sports injuries and rehabilitation. He has a good knowledge in sports injuries.

Manikanda Raj

Dr.Arvind has a very good knowledge of body,muscles especially as i approached him with that problem .Matrix treatment is really working in favour to decrease the tightness in a word he is one among best physiotherapist in city.


Home treatment / visit

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Consultation  :

Patients with severe pain who can’t reach the clinic or hospital can ask for the Home consultation

Treatment at home

Intensive exercise program at home
We provide best equipments for home treatments.
Well experienced doctor will be provide the treatment sessions.
Good set of tailor made exercises will be prescribed

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Our team of specialists is ready to help you .Book an appointment now!