What is this therapy ?

Matrix rhythm therapy is  an innovative therapy with ground braking results. It is a complete pain management system.Physiotherapy device for external application with oscillations technique Instrument  to restart the cellular rhythm that is disturbed due to physiological changes that took place.Smooth and soft therapeutic procedure to reduce pain , swelling , inflammation  stiffness.Useful in treating many muscle and joint pains.

How it works ?

It works on the principal of rhythmic oscillations and helps in maintaining healthy cell environment by reducing pain, swelling and detoxifying the cell and its surrounding structures.

Softens the tissue which is hard because of chronic pain.
Increases the lymphatic drainage.
Creates easy reach of oxygen by draining out the toxic fluids near the tissue.
Improves cellular activity.
Reduces pain and inflammation.

Who can have the therapy ?

This therapy is helpful to relax the tissue and improve lymphatic drainage and eliminate the toxic fluid which makes body active and more functional.Every one can take this therapy as it does not have any side affects.

How quick is the result ?

Immediate relief can be seen for those who are suffering from acute pains ,soprt injuries , joint stiffness , swelling , neck stiffness , headaches , sinusitis , eye strain and spine related problems.

Chronic pain sufferers will experience relief in very few sessions.
People suffering with chronic joint pains , stiffness , paralysis , dics problems.

Is this a permanent or temporary relief ?

After having therapy for few sessions most of the people have noticed the paiun dosent come back.Since we are not only treating the pain but also the root cause of the pain the results maintain permanent.We advice simple home exercises as a part of maintaining the equilibrium in the tissues and joint flexibility.Home exercise programme plays major role in maintaining the results achieved