Neuromuscular stimulations to initiate movements
Muscle relaxation techniques to reduce tightness. By using MATRIX RHYTHMUS THERAPY.
Regaining and restoring movements
Range of motion exercises to increase movement.
Motor relearning,Bio feed back using MENTASTIM.
ADL training,Coordination exercises.
Gait training,Posture correction.

Neuro rehab

Orthopedic rehab

Prescribed specific treatments as referred by the orthopedic
Tailor made muscle strengthening programme.
Joint flexibility exercises and mobilizations.
Self stretching exercises to maintain elasticity of the muscle.
Knee joint and hip joint protocol to reduce stiffness and pain following surgery or arthritis.
Range of motion exercises for each and every joint to increase range and ease the joint.
Movement training after surgery.
Ergonomics And Posture Corrective Exercises
By specific postural exercises and neuro muscular exercises to maintain posture in the work place and to reduce muscular pains and weakness.
Good set of cardiac exercises to improve heart functioning
Tailor made exercises designed specially for every client.
Cardiac rehab for post operative patients.
To recover quickly from stiffness or pain.
To come back to regular life style after the surgery

Cardiac rehab

Varicose and vascular problems care

Varicose veins
Unhealed ulcers
Discolouration of skin

Dental rehab

Jaw sounds
Restricted mouth opening
Post operative jaw stiffness

Wellness rehab

Body and muscle relaxation of skin

Pulmonary rehab

Chest physio
Breathing exercises

Sports rehab

Sprains and strains during sports.
Pain reduction.
Muscle energy technique.
Therapy to relax quickly after heavy workouts.


Weekend muscle toing
Joint movements and muscle flexibility course
Travellers pain management course
Geriatric wellness

Barefoot rehab

Foot is the first point of contact to ground when we stand or walk so this is evidence based training programme to maintain body stability and prevent pains and deformities.

1 . Foot assessment :

To know the position of foot and to rule out the arches of foot are properly maintained or not Meta tarsal and ankle joints are closely examined to find out the major root cause for knee or hip joint pains as the age grows on.

2 . Bare foot treatment for pains

Hip pain
Knee pains
Back pain
Ankle pain
Calf pain

3. Bare foot fitness

Workouts for inch loss
Workouts to maintain joint stability
Exercises to increase breathing capacities
Exercises to maintain body metabolism
Exercises to increase strength
Barefoot exercises for maintain hip stability
Bare foot rehab exercise programme specially trained by EMILLEY SPICHAL U.S.A in MUMBAI.
BARE FOOT exercises to reduce pains
Bare foot exercises to maintain muscle tone
Barefoot exercises to increase stability and speed
To improve proprioception in muscle and joints