Turning I Wish into I Will

About Our Center

As a premium alcohol de-addiction center, we understand that it’s only the holistic approach that can bring about the desired transformation in the patient. Alcohol abuse is best managed when elemental issues are sufficiently addressed. We, as a luxury alcohol de-addiction center, we believe that alcohol is merely a temporary answer, and a balanced mind is needed to bring the addict in the right frame of mind.

Come and experience the ultimate treatment program in the country. Our team of counselors and doctors, along with the experienced and expert staff, offer a professional and world-class alcohol de-addiction treatment.

  • check-mark-1Most cost-effective luxury rehab solution
  • check-mark-1Away from the temptations of life, overcome addiction in the amicable environment
  • check-mark-1Treating each person as a unique individual, we adopt a personalized approach to nurture the mind and body.
  • check-mark-1We equip individuals with the mindset to continue their recovery in the real world.

Mission / Vision Statement

  • check-mark-1Our commitment is to assist individuals, families, and communities in achieving freedom from addiction.
  • check-mark-1We endeavor to get patients de-addicted by offering the best treatment, facilities, and environment.
  • check-mark-1We adopt an innovative approach to reduce the consequences of addiction for individuals, families, and communities.
  • check-mark-1We commit ourselves to provide a healthy and productive life for each patient.

Our Advantages

  • check-mark-1An integrated approach towards de-addiction
  • check-mark-1Attention on breaking the addictive cycle
  • check-mark-1Addressing the underlying issues
  • check-mark-1Establishing healthy boundaries
  • check-mark-1Stable, safe and secure environment
  • check-mark-1Special focus on relapse prevention
  • check-mark-1Peer support approach
  • check-mark-1Focus on healing mind and body
  • check-mark-1A personalized treatment plan for every individual
  • check-mark-1Yoga and meditation for a healthier self
  • check-mark-1Serene environment in the lap of nature
  • check-mark-1Nurturing a healthy lifestyle
  • check-mark-1Building new habits
  • check-mark-1Multiple therapies and treatments
Turning I wish into I will

Our Core Values

Our Office

Our rehabilitation center in is a state of the art facility equipped with the newest technology, capable of handling all of your addiction treatments. All of our staff are professional and experienced in their field, offering with the precise treatment you might attain on a television screen.


  • check-mark-1Spa and Massage Room
  • check-mark-1Gymnasium & Yoga Room
  • check-mark-1Indoor Games
  • check-mark-1Jogging Track