Some Ways to Avoid Alcoholism through Common Sense

We all know how the grips of alcoholism can trap us all with so much ease, and it is equally difficult for anyone caught in the trap to get out of it. We all have seen, heard, and read about the lives that got destroyed by this vicious nature of alcoholism. Alcoholism is a common

The effect of alcoholism on families

Introduction As we all know from all the resources that are available to us, be it in the form of movies, literature, and other forms of educational substances, what havoc the habit of alcoholism can levy on people’s lives and on those who are there around them. But in spite of all this, more and

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction By Self?

Dealing with any sort of addiction is never easy for an individual, no matter what kind of, drugs, alcohol, fast food, chocolates, sugar, gambling, porn, sex, or any other thing. Dealing with it is a struggle that makes our lives miserable and gloomy, with a constant feeling of guilt and disgust for ownself. It gets

How Does Alcohol Harm the Organs of Your Body?

Alcohol is a terrible poison, there’s no doubt regarding that one statement. Despite all the different warnings and awareness campaigns, none of them seems to be of any effect for the people who are alcoholics. Now is it true that people know about the harm that it causes on the surface level, but is it

The Problem of Alcoholism in India

India, a country of 1.3 billion people, which is almost 16% of the world population, is packed into 2% of the land area of the planet. With such a large population, it is natural that there are a lot of problems. The social problems here are multiplied threefolds when compared to countries like Brazil, Mexico,

Can Alcohol Addiction cause Mental Health Issues?

In the wake of an ongoing pandemic that has threatened the life and routine of so many people, something has to be done so that people don’t have to suffer like crazy. Here I am referring to the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are other pandemics too that require urgent solutions right now. One is alcohol

Is Alcohol Addiction Genetic?

Dependence is foretold fifty per cent to hereditary inclination and fifty per cent to helpless adapting talents. This has been thoroughbred by varied examinations. One investigation took a goose at 861 indistinguishable twin sets and 653 congenial twin sets. At the aim, once one indistinguishable twin was obsessed with liquor, the alternative twin had a

Alcohol Effects on the Brain

Over a period of time, unreasonable alcohol addiction could harm both the brain & liver, affecting enduring injury. Unnecessary alcohol consumption could amass long-lasting impacts on the neurological system in the brain, reducing their convincingness or even imitating them. Alcohol moreover demolishes brain partitions & treaties brain tissue. Few people with a narrative of unreasonable

How Long Has Addiction Been Named A Disease?

Medication misuse has been going on for a considerable length of time. However, it is just inside the late decades that researchers and clinical experts have come to comprehend that enslavement is really an infection. It isn’t only an illness, however one of the mind. This originates from endless consolidated investigations of mind outputs and

Alcohol Addiction as a Disease

Addiction, clinically alluded to as a substance use issue is an unpredictable Alcohol addiction as a disease of the brain and body that incorporates in discrete utilization of at least one substance notwithstanding veritable health and social results. Alcohol Addiction upsets areas of the brain that are liable for reward, motivation, learning, judgment and memory.